12/3/08 Thank you so much...................
Want to take this opportunity to thank Linda and our beloved Vanesha who cares for our three munchkins like they were her own. Harley, Mia and Baci await Vanesha's visit each day. One day when I came home early walked through my front door while my three little muchkins started to run towards me and suddenly came to a halt looked at me as if they were saying "you're not Vanehsa" turned around went back up to the couch and laid down. Philip and I are so releived to finally find Linda and Vanehsa who have a true heart for our pet family companions. We never have to worry about our three dachshunds care and well being. Linda's Pet Nannies are unique because of the loving humans that are hand selected to be a part of Linda's Pet Nannies. We are so honored to have them as members of our family.


Linda is the best pet nanny ever!! Both MaryJane and Jack love her. Our newest additions (Kahlua and Capt Morgan) can't wait to meet her!! -Kathy H.


Our pets love Linda's Pet Nannies. Every time someone from Linda's Pet Nannies comes to walk or feed our dog Ruby she goes wild. Our cats, Lucky and Sally, who are generally reserved with outsiders come up to them and purr whenever they see them. Ruby loves staying at Linda's whenever we travel. Linda is also a wonderful person to ask questions of when it comes to the animals' development. She is very knowledgeable about their behavior and has often helped us with training our pets. E-mail: Tanya B.


Linda has watched our golden retriever, Sammy, for almost 5 years. She is practically a member of the family! When we brought Sammy home, Linda not only walked him, but helped train him too. She loves Sammy and treats him like one of her own. She cares about his well being - makes sure he has food and water, checks his ears for infection, gives him medicine as needed, and most importantly gives him lots of exercise, love and affection. Linda is extremely reliable and has never missed a walk. Sammy can't wait to see her everyday. I trust her implicitly with my Sammy and my home. She has stayed at our house while watching Sammy, and he has boarded at her house many times. He always comes home happy and healthy. I give Linda's Pet Nannies my highest recommendation to everyone I meet in need of care for their animals. Linda is simply the BEST!!-Annette H.


Linda is so great with my puppy max and she is the best pet nanny in the whole world! -Alejandra


Our boy Ollie has enjoyed the comforts of Linda's pet Nannies since he was just weeks old. Having Linda and her staff always available actually helped us to feel confident even about the decision to bring Ollie home from the breeders. Care comfort and affection are dealt out generously. Just ask Ollie............ -Gabe S.     


When we got our mini gold doodle puppy, Linda, sent her brother Hector to us. Hector has been helping with Maggie since she was weeks old. She is now 2 1/2 years old and Hector and his son are part of our "family". Hector is one of the most caring and gentle people I know as well as being extremely reliable and responsible. Hector walks Maggie 4 days a week and takes her when we go on vacation. He has even taken her to the vet when she stepped on a bee in his care. My vet made a point of telling me how impressed he was with the care Maggie receives from Hector. We are so happy to have Hector care for Maggie and appreciate all that he does for her. -Tsgruner


Our two dogs love Linda.. they smother her with kisses and affection every time she comes over to see them. We are fortunate to have found Linda - she provides care and attention to our dogs and gives us the security of knowing that our dogs are in good hands when we are not at home.-ljennings